What Kind of Damage Needs to Be Cleaned Up After a Fire?

fire damage cleanup HamiltonOne of the worst things that a homeowner can imagine experiencing is a house fire. Even small fires can create a lot of damage. You may not be aware of how extensive the fire damage cleanup process can be because so different kinds of damage need to be dealt with.

Fire Damage Cleanup—Hamilton, Montana

1. Damage From The Flames

Of course, the first area of your home that you will be concerned about is wherever the fire actually was. Even if it were a small area that did not spread too far, that area would be the first part you look at. Fire can ruin your walls, floor, ceiling, possessions, furniture, appliances, electricity, and anything in the vicinity. You are likely looking at soot and ash and wondering what can be saved from it. A professional restoration company will help you clean and restore whatever they can. 

2. Damage From Water

You might not be thinking about water damage following a fire, but both things almost always happen together. The water that was used to put out the flames will probably leave some standing water that can also cause damage. After the fire is out and it is safe to enter and begin cleaning up, restoration companies will begin repairing the damage from both the fire and the water.

It is important to always remember not to reenter a home after fire damage until you are told it is safe by the fire department and the restoration company. With water damage, there is also a risk of electric shock if it has come in contact with any outlets or electric appliances, so you want to make sure that the home is safe from all of the damage, not just the fire.

3. Damage From Smoke

Even if the flames were contained in one area of the home, the damage could reach much farther. With fire comes smoke, and smoke can leave an odor throughout the home. You may find that your furniture, carpets, clothes, possessions, and walls smell like smoke far away from wherever the actual fire was. The smell of smoke can be difficult to remove from a fire-damaged home completely. A cleanup company will likely move a lot of your possessions to another location to be completely cleaned to remove the smell and repair any damage.

4. Structural Damage

Experiencing a house fire is very scary, and the restoration process is very stressful. The most important thing is safety, so if you have experienced a fire in your home, you need to get the damage assessed to know what needs to be repaired or replaced. Fire can damage your drywall, insulation, wood supports, plumbing, wiring, and any of the materials that make up the backbone of your home. These things cannot be ignored when cleaning up after the fire because they can be dangerous if left alone and not repaired first.

If you have experienced a fire in your Hamilton home, make sure to call Five Valley’s Restoration and Cleaning to help you take care of the damage. They will make sure that you and your family are safe and that your home is restored to its proper condition.

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