What Happens When You Don’t Deal With Water Damage Immediately?

There are many levels to the severity of water damage, but no level of water damage should be left to deal with later. If your home has water damage, you should always get it repaired and dried immediately to prevent additional problems that quickly follow. The longer water damage sits, the more expenses and issues you will likely run into. water damage missoula

Water Damage- Missoula, Montana

The following time frames are provided by water damage experts, who have experienced multiple phases and different types of water damage. The time frames  will help you understand how quickly and extensively water damage can affect your home.

Within One Day

If a leak or flooding has not been repaired, it will continually soak into everything nearby. The leak can spread quickly, depending on how severe the leak is. Possessions such as photographs and books may become damaged beyond repair if they sit in water long enough. Furniture and carpet will be soaked through and will start to develop mold and mildew. Paint, walls, and windows may swell and warp, which will be difficult to fix the longer it sits. The electrical system in your home may also be affected. Damage to the electrical system can be very dangerous as it may cause it to malfunction and start an electrical fire.

Within One Week

Allowing water damage to remain unfixed for a week will lead to serious structural damage in your home. All wooden surfaces, including your house’s frame, will continue to soften and warp out of shape. The drywall and insulation will be damaged and need to be completely replaced. Mold will spread quickly throughout the moist areas, creating a biohazard. Metal materials will also begin to corrode and warp out of shape.

After One Week

If it has been more than a week since water damage first appeared in your home, you are looking at many expensive repairs that will need to be done. The renovations needed will be substantial. This can include everything from the walls, windows, and floors, to the electric wiring, drywall, insulation. Not only is your home’s framework compromised, but your home’s foundation will also start to experience damage. For your safety, you and your family may need to temporarily vacate your home while the repairs are completed.


Water damage is a time-sensitive event that needs to be taken seriously. You may think the water damage is small and contained, but even with small amounts of damage, problems can quickly escalate and evolve. Even one area of your home can experience extreme water damage that could spread and create additional problems, such as mold, and need extensive renovations if not repaired immediately. The best thing you can do to ensure your home is safe from water damage is to call a water damage restoration company right away to help you remove all the moisture and dry everything completely to stop further damage from occurring. 

If you find water damage in your Missoula home, call Five Valley’s Restoration to help you get it fixed. Our team of experts are here to repair the water damage, remove the moisture, and save your home from a line of problems waiting to happen.

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