Protecting Your Basement From Water Damage And Cleanup Costs

water damage restoration missoula, water damage cleanup missoula, water damage repair missoulaBecause basements are, by definition, the lowest level of a building and typically built below ground level, they are inherently prone to water damage. Basement water damage can be caused by a number of reasons, but here are just a few of the most common ways water can find its way into your basement:

Water Damage Cleanup In Missoula

1. Poor foundation drainage

Because water is in the ground surrounding the foundation of your home, there must be a foundation drainage system in place. Whether initiated by a pump or designed to work with the laws of gravity, the foundation drainage system around your home works to keep the ground water level around the foundation lower than the basement floor. Gravity foundation systems (often referred to as the weeping tile system) drain water in the ground and channel it away from the basement. Over time, the pipes may get obstructed by sediment or begin to degrade, hindering drainage and allowing water to build up around the foundation. Homes that utilize a sump pump to redirect water away from the home rely on these devices to keep water at bay. Sump pump failure, or pump overload during heavy rainfall, will cause water to build up around the foundation and work its way into the basement. Any time there is poor foundation drainage or drainage failure, your basement will likely end up with flood damage.

2. Hot water tank failure

The hot water tank is designed to constantly fill and refill itself, so that there is always a supply of hot water. As sediment and rust build up over time, the tank that houses the water supply can begin to corrode inside. With any increase in pressure, the strain can spring leaks in the tank. When there is a leak in the water tank, the flow of water is endless because of the appliance’s design to constantly keep itself full.  Without proper care, regular inspection, and routine maintenance, the hot water tank will be even more susceptible to leaks. Hot water tank failure is a very common culprit of basement flood damage.

3. Sewer backup

When a blockage occurs in a sewer line, or the system gets overloaded during heavy rains, sewage can back up and flood into the basement. When flow is restricted in sewer lines, it will take the path of least resistance. Blockages restrict flow, which leads to sewage back up that could end up flooding into the basement. When the pipe system is full and the water levels in the manholes rise above the top of the pipes from excess water, the sewage level in the system could exceed that of your basement, which means that the flow is blocked, so sewage is directed towards your home instead of away from it. If this happens, sewage water can flood into your home by way of the lowest fixture, which is usually a floor or shower drain. 

No matter what the source of your water damage is, Five Valleys Restoration is here to provide the best water damage cleanup in Missoula. So if you notice water in your basement, or anywhere else in your home, give us a call and we will get the problem cleaned up for you. 

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