Water Damage Restoration: Why Hamilton Pipes Burst

water damage restoration hamilton, water damage repair hamilton, water damage cleanup hamiltonRestoring the damage done by water is never fun. No one ever sees the damage coming either. Water damage can happen unexpectedly so it’s good to know what may cause it, in order to help with the water damage restoration process in your Hamilton home. A common cause of water damage is broken or cracked pipes. 

Water Damage Restoration In Hamilton

What Causes Pipes To Burst?

  • Frozen pipes: In the winter, the cold can be brutal. When the temperature reaches below freezing, then there is a possibility for your pipes to freeze. When this occurs, the frozen water inside your pipes clogs it, which causes a lot of internal force when running water. Your pipes will crack or burst, causing a leak which with time can cause water damage.
  • Aged pipes: Pipes are built to last a long time but they’re not immortal. Most pipes are built to last at least 20 years and after that, they are subject to rust or become weak. When you run water, especially with high pressure, the pipes can crack and break.
  • Clogs: Clogs are a big deal and work generally the same way as a frozen pipe. They cause greater pressure upward from the clog which can lead to a crack and leaking from the pipe. Clogs can be caused by a number of things like an object falling down the drain or minerals from the water building up over time.
  • External forces: Pipes that are underground may be subject to external forces such as roots pressing up against them or cars passing over the top of them. They exert more pressure on them than they were built to handle which can lead to a crack or break.
  • Extreme Pressure: Any other forms of extreme pressure on your pipes can lead to them cracking or bursting. For instance, if you have a great amount of water pressure going through a smaller pipe, there could be issues that arise.

How To Avoid Broken Pipes

There were just a few causes of bursting pipes. Finding the pipe leak can be hard and might need to be done by a professional. For you, the best course of action is to do everything to prevent a broken pipe in the first place. You should be aware of the age of your pipes and how long it’s been since they were inspected. This could prevent many disasters. As well, in the winter, leave your cupboards open, keep your home at a warm temperature, and in really cold weather you may need to turn on a faucet or two so water keeps running. Not all broken pipes can be avoided, so be sure you know where to turn off your water in case of a pipe breaking. This will prevent the mess from becoming bigger.

If your pipes do happen to burst, leaving you in a pool of water, or if you have water damage of any other sort in Hamilton, call a professional to help. Five Valleys Restoration is a great company to contact. We are available 24/7. We will restore your home to its original glory.

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