Water Damage Restoration: Five Tools For Mitigating The Effects Of A Flood

water damage restoration hamilton, water damage repair hamilton, water damage cleanup hamiltonA flood can cause major damage in your home. However, the severity of the damage is largely dependent on your response to the flood. If you act quickly and respond appropriately, you will be able to mitigate much of the damage your home suffers from.

Water Damage Restoration In Hamilton

According to our water damage restoration experts at Five Valley’s Restoration in the Hamilton area, here are five tools for mitigating the effects of the flood so you can keep the damage at a minimum. 


Fans are an essential tool for limiting the damage caused by a flood. There simply isn’t any better tool for speeding up the drying process in your home after a flood. This is especially true of industrial air movers used by water damage restoration companies. They are capable of moving huge amounts of air throughout your home to make the floodwater evaporate more quickly. 


Dehumidifiers do exactly what their name says they do. They remove moisture in the air. Thus, a portable dehumidifier is a very effective tool for speeding up the drying process during water damage restoration. Any dehumidifier is better than no dehumidifier, but it is best to use the biggest one possible so you don’t have to empty the water drawer very often. Dehumidifiers can also help reduce the risk of mold growth due to moisture in your property. 

Sump Pumps

If your basement ever floods, you better hope you have a sump pump. Sump pumps are your best friend for minimizing the damage caused by a flood in your basement. There is no better way to ensure that the water is pumped from your basement quickly and efficiently. Fortunately, sump pumps aren’t outrageously expensive and you can purchase a quality model for just a couple hundred dollars. 


Desiccants are typically made up of materials like clay, silica, gel, or calcium oxide. Essentially, they are designed to absorb moisture in large quantities. After a flood, you can place packages of desiccants throughout your home to absorb the nearby moisture. Of course, there is a limit to how much water they can hold so some desiccants are designed to change color when they become fully saturated to notify you that they need to be replaced.

Shop Vacs

Some shop vacs are designed for use in wet conditions. However, make sure you don’t confuse these shop vacs with other ones as using a dry shop vac in wet conditions can seriously damage it. Wet shop vacs are especially useful for quickly removing small amounts of water from your rugs, carpet, furniture, and other parts of your home sensitive to water. 

While cleaning up a water-damaged home may seem like an overwhelming task at first, just remember that you have all the great tools mentioned above along with professional water damage restoration companies to help you overcome the damage. We at Five Valley’s Restoration

in Hamilton are one such water damage restoration company so don’t hesitate to call us for help as soon as possible if your home is flooded. 

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