Prepare Now And Avoid Future Water Damage Cleanup

water damage cleanup missoula, water damage restoration missoula, water damage repair missoulaIn Missoula, we get only 15 inches of rain, on average, per year. However,  it is the average 40 inches of snow per year that we can prepare for now. The better we care for our homes now, the more prepared we are for winter problems. You know that snow and rain will pound your home all winter,  before the first snowfall, take a walk around your property to look for problems: 

Water Damage Cleanup In Missoula

Clear Out The Gutters For Winter Rain

While all those trees surrounding your home add beauty and shade, they can cause you problems in the winter. Blocked gutters can cause roof damage and foundation damage due to improper drainage.  Clean your gutters now;  make sure your house has proper drainage away from the foundation. If water does leak into your home or basement, call Five Valleys Restoration for complete water damage cleanup.

Prepare Your Roof For Winter Storms

Whether metal, composite or wood shingles, every roof has a defined lifespan. Rain, ice, and snow are enemies of your roof and can further shorten its life. Take the time before the winter storms come to inspect your roof for missing or damaged shingles. To avoid a fix in freezing rain or under inches of snow, look for problems now.

But when you have a problem, act now; waiting out a leak is  risky. As mold grows in as little as 24 hours, waiting any amount of time to begin fixes is a huge safety hazard. If you do find your home with a leak after a winter rain or ice storm, call Five Valley Restoration immediately. We’ll help identify, fix, and prevent future leaks with our water damage cleanup service.

Correct Leaking Windows

Windows are another vulnerable opportunity for winter elements to enter your home and create havoc on your possessions. Not only are they a source for cold air to enter, but they can also let in winter rain as well. Leaky windows can end with soaked belongings, soggy carpet, damaged wooden frames, or damaged hardwood floors. Be sure you repair or replace your windows before any major storms roll in during the winter season. Applying caulking to gaps and ensuring full closure will help you avoid water damage in your home.

And certainly, If all preparations fail, call Five Valley Restoration for any water damage problems; they will get you back up and running in no time. After you find a leak in your home, your best chance to save your valuable possessions and restore your peace of mind is to take immediate action. Your trusted Five Valley crew of certified, professional water damage technicians will drop everything and rush personnel and equipment to your residence. When it comes to restoring the “normal” back into your life and the “value” back into your home, every second counts. 

A family run company, they take care of every detail and every step, from initial cleanup, to take down, to final repair. Make the call to your Five Valleys team now!

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