Using Technology To Prevent Water Damage In Missoula

In Missoula, water damage from frozen pipes continues to be a danger to homeowners every winter. For three or four months, the temperature dips below freezing and thaws out every day. If your home isn’t properly insulated or maintained, just one night of the cycle is enough to burst a pipe and flood your home with a hundred gallons of water. If you can’t always avoid a leak, you can now tap other handy tools to alert you of problems early. 

The most simple versions of water sensors are smaller than a deck of cards that you place on the floor in an area prone to leaks. However, the past few years have introduced a wealth of smart home water-sensing devices that detect moisture. When you upgrade to an in-line system that monitors your water flow rate for irregularities, you can activate multiple methods for alerts. The relationship that you already have with Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, and Google Assistant can easily be used to access these sensors for immediate notification of a leak in your home. 

As soon as you get a notice that there is a problem, call Fire Valley’s Restoration to seek out the leak, fix it, and repair any damage.

How Do Water Leak and Freeze Detectors Work?

water damage missoulaThe most basic devices are battery-operated discs or small square boxes that are placed where leakage may occur: under a refrigerator, sink, toilet, or washing machine. Two or more metal sensor terminals in contact with the floor will trigger when they touch water. A water sensing cable measures the electrical conductivity of the water and the presence of water completes a circuit.

For just a little more, you can get the devices with built-in Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to connect to your phone. If the sensor finds even a few drops, a push alert or email can be sent. Choose an audible alarm on the device as another layer of protection. You can purchase a pack that comes with multiple sensors or with  an extension cable to increase the coverage range.

Voice compatibility is another feature to  silence alarms and check temperature and humidity levels. Even if you don’t have your phone with you, some water leak detection systems are smart enough to automatically shut the water off for you if something catastrophic is happening. You could then trigger another device like a fan or a dehumidifier to start up immediately.

You can also view your home’s water consumption while you’re away to sense problems.

Where Should You Install Detector Sensors?

Proper installation of all leak and freeze detector sensors will ensure accuracy. These sensitive devices should be placed in any high-risk areas. Consider installing sensors and additional cables here.

Nearly all basements experience water damage at some point in time. In Missoula, low temperatures increase the chance of flooding. Add humidity issues, and now you have to worry about mold, as well. If your basement or crawlspace has a sump pump and pit, install a detector at the top of the sump basin.

Bathrooms are another obvious choice for plumbing issues: clogged toilets, damaged faucets, loose pipes, and overflowing tubs. With multiple plumbing fixtures in such a small space, bathrooms with an exterior wall are extra vulnerable to broken pipes in the winter. 

Focus on the areas with large appliances. Place a sensor in the laundry room.  Also install a sensing cable near your water heater. Monitor the HVAC area for clogs and leaks. All of these tools can fail easily, flooding these spaces with a bunch of dirty water. Instant notification can save you thousands of dollars of damage. 

Water Damage Restoration In Missoula

After you find a leak in your home, your best chance to save your valuable possessions and restore your peace of mind is to act immediately. When it comes to restoring your home, every second counts. First call professional water damage technicians. Then call the insurance agent. While you are starting the insurance claim paperwork , Five Valley  technicians will be on the way to help. Make the call to your Five Valley’s team now for more information.

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