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You’ve discovered mold in your home or business, and the only thing you want is to get rid of it NOW! You’re worried about whether the mold problem is larger than you can see, and if it’s had any impact on your health.

Worry no more – call your trusted mold removal team at Five Valleys today! 

Your team of mold experts will help you locate any areas of mold growth and make sure it is removed safely, giving you the peace of mind you need when it comes to your health and the health of your family or employees.

Don’t wait any longer – give your team at Five Valleys a call today and see for yourself why they are the best!

Safe And Effective Mold Removal

When you contact the professionals at Five Valleys Restoration And Cleaning for your mold removal needs, you are contacting a group of experts who understand how to cleanup and remove mold contamination safely and effectively. Our on-site mold remediation experts are prepared to assist with your problems and questions regarding any mold related issues.

We employ state-of-the-art technologies and follow industry’s standard of care to eliminate elevated mold growth from homes, offices, healthcare facilities, etc. If your home or place of work has been impacted by water damage and ensuing mold growth, our team can take care of it. 

Benefits Of Professional Mold Remediation

Many home and business owners try to find the easiest and fastest solution to treat mold problems. Store bought chemicals and “mold-killing paint” are just a few of the treatments that people try before realizing that it doesn’t work. When you are dealing with mold contamination, you need to know that the solutions you employ are going to get rid of the source of the mold problem so that the mold does not return.

Taking a mold problem into your own hands is likely going to cost you more in the future. Don’t waste time on money on solutions that do not work. Contact Five Valleys Restoration for proven mold remediation results that will leave your home protected.


Five Valleys Restoration specializes in treating all areas affected by mold. The most common are:

  • Basement Mold
  • Attic Mold
  • Crawlspace Mold
  • Bathroom Mold

No matter where the mold is found, Five Valleys Restoration can clean and restore your property to pre-loss condition and keep it safe from future mold growth.

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