Emergency Board-Up

Board-Up and Protect Your Property After a Disaster

Immediately after a disaster leaves your property vulnerable, take the steps necessary to secure and protect your home or business. 

You may be worried about being a target of theft or vandalism. There may also be a risk of more damage to your property or an animal infestation. All of those worries can be put to bed with professional board-up from your expert team at Five Valleys Restoration and Cleaning. 

With a single call, day or night, you can get the protection you need for your home or business. Every minute you wait puts your property at risk – call now for immediate help!

Shield Your Property from Further Damage

Any type of damage to the exterior of your property allows outside elements in that can further damage your property. Outside elements like rain, wind, and snow can all cause extensive damage to your property that will require extra cleaning and repairs, potentially delaying the cleanup and restoration of your home or business. Animals and other unwanted intruders may also be able to enter your property through the new openings. 

Your property can easily be saved from further damage and protected during the recovery process by contacting a professional board-up and tarping service like Five Valleys Restoration and Cleaning as soon as possible after the damage occurs. Don’t risk further damage and higher repair costs by leaving your home or business vulnerable and exposed. 

Contact Five Valleys Restoration and Cleaning for emergency board-up and tarping services that will protect your property and everything in it. Our team works around the clock and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so that we can assist you when you need us most.


24/7 Emergency Board Up & Tarping

Homes and business can suffer significant disasters that can leave your property exposed and vulnerable to additional damage or theft. Property fires, storms, and even vandalism can result in significant damage to your home or business, creating an immediate need for increased protection and security.

Five Valleys Restoration and Cleaning provides emergency board-up services to provide protection to your property until it is possible to make repairs. Our team can respond immediately to cover damaged roofs and board-up broken windows, doors, and other entry points to your property. Don’t let the damage get worse – call us anytime for immediate service.

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If this is an emergency, please call 406-542-2113 for immediate service.