Contents Cleaning

Ensure Your Belongings Are Cared For After a Disaster

Your belongings are important to you, and when they are damaged by a disaster you need a contents cleaning team that cares just as much about your items as you do. 

You may think your items are damaged beyond repair or that they aren’t worth saving – but don’t lose hope. Trust your caring team at Five Valleys Restoration and Cleaning to do everything possible to clean and restore your belongings back to normal.

Our contents cleaning professionals carefully evaluate and clean each item, handing each with extreme care. If your contents can be restored – we can help. Give us a call today!

We Clean and Restore Your Personal Items

You may be surprised to learn that many items can be cleaned after a disaster. Five Valleys Restoration and Cleaning utilizes the latest contents cleaning equipment and methods to safely clean your items and minimize your loss. Whether the items are family heirlooms or collectibles or just your favorite sweater, we have the ability to clean it. We use advanced technology and cleaning methods to remove soot, smoke odors, and other contaminants from your belongings. If your home or business has suffered a fire or other disaster, do not hesitate to give us a call – we are on call and available 24/7. 406-542-2113
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Expert Contents Cleaning and Restoration

When you experience a fire or other disaster in your home or business, it affects all of the items inside your property. After a fire, everything in and near the area will be covered in soot or smell like smoke, requiring special care to clean and restore the items back to normal.

At Five Valleys Restoration and Cleaning, we offer professional contents cleaning services. We can inventory, pack, move, and clean the contents of your property, and then store your items for you until your property is ready.

Five Valleys Restoration offers content cleaning services for the following types of items:

  • Dishes
  • Appliances
  • Electronics
  • Soft Goods and Clothing
  • Furniture
  • Antiques and Heirlooms
  • Decorative Accents
  • Area Rugs
  • And More

Inventory & Packout Services

Detailed documentation of the damage and loss of your property is necessary for your insurance claim, and we can help. At Five Valleys Restoration and Cleaning, we will fully inventory and document all damaged items and we will provide you with an inventory list. Any items that cannot be salvaged will be documented for your loss, and items that can be cleaned and restored will be carefully packed for transport to our contents cleaning facility.

Our team is meticulous and will document everything, including the original location of the items. When it comes time to return your items, we can replace them in the same location as if nothing ever happened.


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If this is an emergency, please call 406-542-2113 for immediate service.