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Get the Clean Floors You’ve Always Wanted

Are you tired of dirty, gross looking carpet? Are you worried about germs and bacteria living on your floors and furniture? Are you ready to just give up and replace the carpet or get rid of that easy chair?

Keeping your floors and furniture clean and healthy doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, it’s easy when you rely on the experts at Five Valleys Restoration and Cleaning. 

You can count on our team of friendly and knowledgeable cleaning professionals to clean your carpet, tile, and furniture the right way – giving you lasting results that will have you loving your floors again. Don’t wait another minute! Call Five Valleys today to book your next appointment. 

Professional Carpet Cleaning 

Carpets in your home or business are going to get dirty. Foot traffic, dust, spills, and other accidents can cause dirt build-up and stains on any carpeting. As the carpets see more foot traffic, those soils and debris get pushed deep into the carpet fibers, which can eventually damage the carpeting altogether. Even carpets that appear clean can be caked with dirt – causing a dullness that you may not recognize. Periodic carpet cleaning can remove the grime and help your carpet retain a fresh and clean appearance.

Professional carpet cleaning by Five Valleys Restoration and Cleaning can help your carpets stay healthy and last longer, saving you a lot of money on costly carpet replacement. Routine carpet cleaning is the best solution for all carpets to ensure that rough soil and tough stains are pulled out of the fibers. Not only will your carpets last longer, but they will look and feel brand new! 

Expert Upholstery Cleaning

Your furniture is an investment worth saving. Couches and chairs can often show signs of wear not long after they are purchased depending on the amount of traffic they see. Homes with pets often require professional upholstery cleaning regularly to maintain clean, fresh smelling furniture that is inviting to sit on. Homes and businesses that have small children also require specialized upholstery cleaning to remove sticky and dirty messes.

Upholstery fibers are known to soak up the oils and dander simply from regular use. Sitting and laying on couches and chairs is going to leave a residue that is difficult to remove without proper cleaning techniques. We can help. Five Valleys Restoration and Cleaning will get your upholstery looking and feeling new again in no time. Contact us today for a quote!


Professional Tile Cleaning 

Have you noticed that your tile floors seem to dull over time? Even tiles that are mopped often are going to dull with time because of how dirt gets trapped and embedded into the pores of your tile and grout. But dirt isn’t the only thing burrowing into the crevices in your tile: bacteria and other contaminants seep into the tiles and can create unhealthy and smelly floors.

When you contact Five Valleys Restoration and Cleaning for your professional tile cleaning, you are relying on a team of professionals who know the best ways to handle cleaning different types of tile. Our team is experienced and trained to provide the best cleaning solution based on your individual needs. Don’t hesitate – contact our team and get your tile shining again.


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