Keeping Mold And Removal At Bay: Five Tips For Protecting Your Home

mold removal missoula, mold remediation missoula, mold cleanup missoulaMold is a potent problem for homeowners. This is especially true after a flood. It only requires 24-48 hours for mold to begin growing after a flood, so unless you act extremely fast you will likely have to deal with a mold problem in your home. From our water damage restoration professionals at Five Valleys Restoration in Missoula, MT here are five tips for mold prevention after a flood in your home. 

Mold Removal In Missoula

Improve Air Flow

Good air flow helps to dry out the space once you’ve removed any standing water. Simply opening windows and doors can help to naturally bring some of the moisture out of the house and out of your personal items like furniture. You can also turn on the fans in your house to push the air through mechanically and encourage better air circulation. Mold is more likely to form in stagnant air so this airflow can help to combat its growth.


After a flood, your home and the surrounding air will be saturated with moisture. A dehumidifier is your greatest tool for diminishing excessive humidity levels in your home. Just be careful when you use a dehumidifier that it has a large enough water basin. Too small, and you will need to replace the basin so often that it won’t be worth it. Nonetheless, if you do have a large enough dehumidifier, this is a great choice for decreasing the likelihood of a mold removal problem in your home.

Remove Sodden Objects

Porous materials soaked with water are a breeding ground for mold growth. Consider, for example, a couch soaked that has been soaked with water for several days. Mold growth will likely begin by the end of day one and be severe after multiple days. To mitigate this risk, remove sodden objects from your home so they can begin the process of drying out in an environment not dominated by floodwater and high levels of moisture.

Dry Out The Walls

Mold within the walls is one of the worst types of mold removal problems you can encounter. There is a high likelihood that the mold will spread throughout the wall and into other portions of the home. Removing mold of this sort is expensive, time-consuming, and very difficult to do. It often requires tearing down portions of the wall so the mold can be eliminated for good. Any half-hearted attempt will only end with the mold growing back again within a few months. 

Clean And Sanitize

Finally, you will also need to thoroughly clean and sanitize your home once all the water has been removed. Floodwater often contains high levels of contamination that may continue to be hazardous even once the water is gone. This contamination is not only dangerous on its own but it can also encourage future mold growth and removal issues

Don’t let mold and the removal process overtake your home! Remember the tips above and give us a call at Five Valleys Restoration in Missoula, MT ASAP and we will be right out to your home to begin the water removal and restoration process.

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