Mistakes Made During Fire And Smoke Damage Cleanup

missoula fire and smoke damage cleanupThe damage left behind from fire and smoke in your Missoula home is extremely depressing and, let’s face it, daunting. Many homeowners are compelled to start doing something to restore their homes immediately to make them feel less overwhelmed, so they start cleaning up the damage. To achieve a successful fire and smoke damage cleanup though, there are certain measures and steps that should be taken in a specific order. Neglecting to do so could actually result in additional damage. 

Missoula Fire And Smoke Damage Cleanup

The fire and smoke damage cleanup specialists at Five Valley’s Restoration know the correct steps for restoring your home after a fire. With our training and experience, you can avoid making the following mistakes when attempting to clean up fire and smoke damage by yourself.

Mistake #1: Not Securing The Home From Further Damage

Without prior experience in dealing with the aftermath of the fire and smoke damage, homeowners who attempt clean-up on their own do not properly safeguard their homes to prevent more harm. It is crucial to take all reasonable precautions after a fire to limit additional damage to your property. In some cases, it may be necessary to install temporary fixes and security measures for vulnerable and exposed areas of the home. For example, if your roof has been harmed by a fire and is open to the outdoors, you should tarp it or find another way to protect it so that your home will not sustain additional harm from the elements. Any opening into your home that is broken or damaged needs to be boarded up and secured. These short-term fixes are required to safeguard our house from further harm and mitigate any further damage.

Mistake #2: Not Notifying Their Homeowner’s Insurance Right Away

Before informing their insurance company, many homeowners will start trying to do a cleanup on fire and smoke damage. While it is advantageous to begin cleaning up as soon as possible before any repairs or cleanup is done your home insurance company may want to visit and inspect your property. Many policies will require damages to be inspected and documented by an adjuster for any reimbursements to be made. Your insurer might not cover the losses if you try to start repairing the fire and smoke damage before then. They will need evidence of the harm done and the losses sustained before anything is altered. We also suggest that you perform a thorough inspection of your own property, making a thorough written inventory of any damages you discover and documenting those losses with photos and videos. This will help you to get the most out of your coverage.

Mistake #3: Not Calling A Trusted Fire And Smoke Damage Cleanup Company To Restore Your Home

Without the proper experience, training, and equipment, fire and smoke damage cleanup can be more than you can handle. Instead of facing the overwhelming damage on your own, trust your home to trained professionals who know how to handle fire and smoke damage cleanup and can return your home to its pre-loss condition. 

Avoid making these crucial mistakes when you need fire and smoke damage cleanup in your home. Don’t hesitate to call Five Valley’s Restoration instead to help you get the results you’re needing and deserve.

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