Increased Fire & Smoke Damage In Missoula

2022 Looks Like A Crazy Year For Fire In Montana

Fire & Smoke Damage Is Rampant This Year

Usually, we plan for some precipitation during the year in Missoula, Montana, receiving about 12 inches of rain and 40 inches of snow per year. This year in June, some floods caused rockslides and mudslides within Yellowstone National Park. Closer to home, there are more folks who are thinking about wildfires that are nearby. With record-breaking heat waves and a longer wildfire season, keeping track of every fire event in Western Montana has been difficult. Whether you’re staying in town or heading outdoors for an adventure, use tools to know where the wildfires are burning. For example, you can sign up for fire alerts from smart911

fire and smoke damage missoula montana
Missoula Fire & Smoke Damage 2022

For Fire And Smoke Damage In Missoula

It’s always better to be prepared before you experience a wildfire close to your home. Our experts at Five Valleys Restoration have a few tips on how you can be best prepared for an unexpected event.

Strengthen Your Home’s Defenses Before A Wild Fire

If you live in a single-family home, there are things you can do now to help protect it in the future. On, they offer many suggestions to keep your home and the surrounding area safer from wildfires:

  • Create a fire-resistant zone at least 30 feet from your home: Move any and all wood piles and scrap lumber beyond that distance. Remove leaves, dry debris, or flammable materials, clearing your home grounds of flammable materials.
  • Build, renovate or make repairs: The best way to upgrade your home is to only use fire-resistant materials for the best protection.
  • Plan for an outdoor water source: Make sure you have a hose long enough to reach all the areas of your property if there is a need to put out any live emblems or fires nearing your home.
  • Be prepared to soak the roof and perimeter: As soon as you get warned of fires nearing your city or home, be ready to pre-soak your home. However, be aware that the water pressure might drop. Keep the property tidy and free from extra fuel that could be detrimental to your safety as the fire approaches.

Stay Safe Throughout

If there is a wildfire here in western Montana, pay attention to official alerts. Rely on authorities and evacuate immediately if addressed. If you get trapped, call 911 and explain your location and group size. However, the emergency response could be delayed until safe for the first responders. Help rescuers find you by giving clear directions, offering alternative paths, and turning on house lights.

Be sure to frequently check with local authorities for the latest information about where to go. Use the suggested websites and apps to register so that your extended family can keep track of you in case your phone battery dies. You can also download a list of open Red Cross shelters in the area. 

To protect yourself from smoke inhalation, have N95 masks available for everyone. If you need medical attention, contact your healthcare provider for further care instructions and shelter in place when possible. 

Create A Clean Space For Emergencies has information and suggestions about air quality. The fact sheet, “How to Create a Clean Room at Home,” provides more information about setting up a clean room within your home. You can designate a room to be closed off from outside air. This clean room can be set up before there is an active fire in your area. In order to keep levels of smoke and other particles even lower, you could include a portable air cleaner in the space.

When the Air Quality Index indicates unhealthy and sustained levels, you may be advised to stay indoors to reduce your exposure to smoke. This would be helpful for children, older adults, and people with heart disease or breathing problems. If you have asthma or bronchitis, check with your health care provider about the best options. Conditions can change quickly so be prepared to evacuate if necessary.

In Conclusion

Although wildfires might rage around us, the odds are that your Missoula home will more likely suffer from fire damage from a more typical kitchen or electrical fire. Either way, the best chance to save your valuable possessions and investments is to take immediate action. Call the trusted Five Valley crew. They will drop everything and rush to your fire-damaged home 24 hours, 7 days a week.

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