How The End Of Winter Could Lead To Flooding

Winter can be hard on homes when it comes to water damage. Many people look forward to warmer temperatures during the spring, but as winter comes to an end, there are some water damage risks that homeowners should take precautions to prevent. Here are some good tips for homeowners to prevent the risk of water damage from flooding this spring as it heats up outside. water damage missoula

Clear Snow Around Your Home

Especially in areas that have experienced heavy snowfall this winter, snow that is piled up against your home could be a risk of water damage. If there are any leaks around windows, cracks in your foundation, or other openings in your home or basement, melting snow could seep in and cause water damage and flooding. Clearing away the snow closest to your foundation and basement windows will help prevent this.

Clean Rain Gutters

As the snow on your roof begins to melt, it needs an easy way to flow off and away from your house. Cleaning out your rain gutters will help this. Remove any big chunks of ice or debris from your rain gutters so the snow can flow safely off your roof and prevent ice dams from forming. This relieves a lot of the pressure that the snow has put on your roof, which will make it less likely that your roof will also experience damage that could lead to the melting snow leaking inside.

Inspect Roof

Speaking of roof damage, it can be hard to know how much damage your roof might have experienced through the winter months. It can be hard to regularly clear snow off of your roof during the winter months, which means it has likely experienced freezing shingles, ice dams, and weight from the snow. Once the snow starts to disappear, it is a good idea to take a look at your roof for any signs of damage. Look for broken, loose, or missing shingles, as well as areas that are sagging or stained because these could be signs that water has leaked under your roof and repairs are needed. 

Check Your Foundation For Cracks

It has already mentioned that melting snow around your home could find its way into cracks in the foundation. Heavy winters with a significant amount of snow and bad weather could lead to new cracks forming in your foundation. It is a good idea to search for any signs that you have new cracks in your foundation. Foundation cracks are dangerous for many reasons, including the risk of water seeping into your foundation and causing problems. It is best to identify any cracks early on so you can repair them before they grow or spread.

Water Damage—Missoula, Montana

Stay vigilant and be on the lookout for winter and spring water damage in your Missoula home. If you find any, call the professionals at Five Valley’s Restoration to help you get the damage repaired and prevent any further water damage or flooding from happening in your home. Our expert team will give you the peace of mind that your home is safe while you enjoy the warm weather this spring.

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