Health Effects Of Mold From Flood Damage

missoula mold expertsWater damage usually affects about 40% of property owners as a result of leaks, floods, or broken pipes inside the house. Ignoring water damage can lead to quick mold growth which can result in a variety of health conditions for people in the home.

Missoula Mold Experts

A water-damaged house requires special attention to prevent or remediate a mold explosion. Mold from spores can spread quickly through the atmosphere. 

Elements That Can Cause Mold Growth

  • Mold Spores. Mold spores are the first element that contributes to mold and mildew growth.
  • Moisture Or Water. Mold, like every living organism, requires moisture to grow.
  • A Source Of Food. Since mold is a type of living organism, it requires food to survive and reproduce.
  • Darkness. Mold thrives in low lighting or complete darkness.
  • Oxygen 

Health Effects Of Mold

The longer mold is left to grow, the higher the risk and the more difficult the cleanup. Here are the health risks associated with mold growth from Missoula mold experts.

Frequent Headaches

Mold exposure can also cause persistent headaches that can last all day long. Some individuals may feel better after leaving the house and getting some clean, fresh air. Chronic fatigue could also accompany headaches, which makes it difficult to maintain a high level of energy. You might also become a bit more light-sensitive.


Bronchitis could develop quickly in people who spend a large amount of time in moldy buildings. When you inhale mold spores, the airways in the lungs could become inflamed, which must be treated using antibiotics while avoiding further exposure to the mold and mildew.

Respiratory Diseases

Many people who are exposed to mold may experience difficulty breathing and might even start to cough or sneeze. When you start breathing in the air and then spend a few hours in the building, you may experience nausea, nosebleeds, and vomiting. In severe cases, pulmonary bleeding can occur, which can be fatal and usually requires medical attention right away. Others may feel as if their lungs are really weak or even have trouble breathing without experiencing chest pressure. People who suffer from asthma could begin to experience more frequent asthma attacks.


Mold spores commonly cause skin irritations, which may result in rashes and itchy skin. Irritation of your eyes is another side effect that can cause redness when spending time in a contaminated area. Strange skin sensations such as tingling as well as numbness could also develop on various parts of the body that have been exposed to the atmosphere in the household.

Mold can cause serious health issues. Allow Five Valleys Restoration And Cleaning to assist you with mold removal. Our Missoula mold experts will assist you in locating any regions of mold growth and ensuring that it is safely removed, offering you the peace of mind you require when it comes to your safety and the health of your family. When you call Five Valleys Restoration And Cleaning for removing mold, you’re contacting a team of experts who know how to clean up your home and eradicate mold contamination efficiently and safely. Call us today.

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