Getting Rid Of A Little Or A Lot Of Water

water damage removal missoulaWater leaks are a major cause of insurance claims in residences. Every year, about one in 50 homeowners file water damage or freezing claims. According to the Insurance Information Institute, almost a third of all homeowner claims are due to water. If you currently have standing water in your home, your initial response is the right one – get rid of that water NOW!

Water Damage Removal In Missoula

When you discover a puddle, small leak, burst pipe, or a complete flood, you need to move fast. If you have a shop vac that can suck up water in the garage, it is your best immediate option. Don’t ruin your regular vacuum if you don’t have a water one attempting to assess the situation. Keep in mind that a wet/dry vacuum won’t be able to fully extract all the water from carpets and you will need appliances such as fans and dehumidifiers to finish the process. 

If you don’t have a wet/dry vac, you can use towels and blankets to soak up the water. You’ll need to find a method to get the wet towels to the bathtub or outside without dripping a trail throughout the house. You also need to be honest with yourself if you can’t get it cleaned up within a few hours, you will need professional help. In Missoula, there are companies such as Five Vally’s Restoration team that is on call and ready to respond immediately. They have many more tools and techniques to remove the standing water.

Professional Tools For Water Extraction

In the case of any water damage, moisture ruins building materials quickly. The total removal of water preserves flooring, carpeting, padding, and subfloor. For carpets, you’ll need special equipment to completely extract water or else it will be ruined. Professional teams have access to better equipment than homeowners do such as commercial grade dehumidifiers that can remove up to ten times more moisture than a quality home unit. These companies have water extraction tools like a high-volume extractor that is designed to penetrate deep into carpeting and pads pulling water out. Other tools that are commonly used are high-powered air movers and air scrubbers to pull out remaining moisture. This sends high volume airflow into cracks and beneath baseboards to completely dry flooring, walls, and cabinets.

Are These Services Covered By Insurance?

Generally, the water damage that is considered “sudden and accidental” is covered. Examples are pipe bursts, broken appliances, or a faucet that breaks off in your hand. Restoration companies such as Five Valley’s Restoration 1 have been doing direct billing with insurance carriers for over 30 years. The office staff can guide you through the seamless process. 

Things That Are Mostly NOT Covered By Insurance

The following situations are not most likely not paid for by your existing home insurance policy:

  • Flood water: hurricanes, tsunamis, storm surges, water from overflowing rivers, and water due to heavy rain. Consider flood insurance for coverage for these problems if they are common in your area.
  • Lack of maintenance or negligence: If you are aware of current problems in your home and haven’t responded, the chances are high that your insurance company won’t cover it. Preventative situations such as not repairing a plumbing problem or failing to keep the heat on during freezing temperatures are issues that could’ve been taken care of ahead of time.
  • Natural disasters: If you experience an earthquake, landslide, or mudslide and your pipe bursts from the “earth movement”, the water damage that occurs is most likely not covered, unfortunately. 

In Conclusion

After you find a leak or any other form of water damage at home, take immediate action. If the water damage isn’t a simple towel-dry situation, the professionals at Five Valley are ready to help. They are a trusted company with a team of certified, professional water damage technicians who will drop everything and rush over to you 24 hours a day. Call your Five Valleys team or visit their website for more information about all the services available in Hamilton and Western Montana.

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