Four Likely Causes of Commercial Building Fires

fire damage cleanup hamiltonFires are one of the most devastating and destructive disasters. They not only endanger people’s lives, but they also have the potential to cause significant property damage. Commercial fires are especially dangerous because they impact business operations, workers, and customers. Commercial fire disasters are more frequent than you may believe, and no business owner wants to be involved in one. It is always a good idea to prepare by understanding the most likely causes of commercial fires. By understanding what could end up causing a commercial fire, your company can take proper measures to avoid business damage.

1. Heating Equipment

Some organizations will utilize heating systems more than others, depending on where they are located and the environment. Some appliances that companies could use to heat and cool their buildings include boilers, furnaces, and radiators. Mechanical heating equipment, regardless of its type, can overheat. A fire might start when the device overheats. Maintain them regularly, and never store combustible objects near them.  If you have to install equipment, ensure it is done by a qualified professional.

2. Cooking Equipment

Restaurants are not the only ones that have fires caused by kitchen equipment. A majority of commercial buildings have kitchens, including schools, gyms, office buildings, and health care facilities. Each is equipped with a variety of potentially dangerous materials, including open flames, extremely flammable cooking oils, and some heat sources. To have a safe building, make sure that all cooking appliances are working properly and that everybody in the building knows how to suppress a fire.

3. Electrical/Lighting Issues

There is always a risk of fire when electricity is involved. There are various lighting and electrical concerns that might cause a fire, ranging from overloaded circuits and old wiring, and malfunctioning fuses. You can prevent electrical and lighting issues from starting a fire by conducting regular maintenance. Teach your employees to utilize electricity wisely and not overload it. Have a qualified professional check the system regularly, especially if you are suspecting electrical problems.

4. Smoking

If your workers or guests smoke cigarettes on your premises, they must always dispose of these materials properly.  Otherwise, they risk starting a fire. You won’t be able to prevent people from smoking unless your company is a smoke-free facility. However, you can ensure that they understand how to appropriately dispose of their things. To avoid a commercial fire, ensure there are designated areas where people can distinguish and dispose of cigarettes.

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