Fire Damage Cleanup Missoula – Safety Tips For Homeowners

fire damage cleanup missoulaHome fires are the biggest disaster threat facing American families today, with 9 in 10 structure fires occurring in the home and more than 8 in 10 fire-related deaths resulting from home fires according to the International Association of Fire Fighters.

When house fires happen, the first thing occupants need to do is get out of the house. Prolonged exposure to the smoke can significantly impact your health – so can returning to a home after a fire has been put out before having it cleared by local authorities.

Fire Damage Cleanup Missoula – Safety Tips For Homeowners

Trying to do any type of clean up to your Missoula home after fire damage can be extremely dangerous and it could cause a problem when dealing with your homeowners insurance. Before returning to the house to inspect or try to clean or repair, contact the experts at Five Valley’s Restoration to handle the immediate portion and make sure that the correct procedures are followed for the sake of your insurance claim and your health.

Even after the flames have been extinguished, fires leave behind many health hazards and potential dangers for people and animals.

  • Lingering Smoke – Lingering smoke after a fire might seem harmless, but smoke particles can be extremely harmful long after the fire.
  • Soot Remnants – The soot that sticks to a structure long after a fire is hazardous for many reasons. Leftover soot can actually etch into glass and permanently damage it if untreated. The respiratory can be affected pretty drastically from breathing in soot particles.
  • Burnt Items In The Home – The items that are burned release dangerous toxins that mix into the smoke and soot after a fire. Exposure to these byproducts can result in serious respiratory conditions like difficult breathing, shortness of breath, coughing, wheezing, asthma symptoms and bronchitis.

It is extremely important that anyone entering a home after a fire and before the fire cleanup process wear personal protection equipment. Special cleaning agents can be used to neutralize the area but it is best for any fire damage cleanup procedures to be handled by professionals who know how to do it the right way and safely.

Not only is your health at risk when dealing with fire damage cleanup, but physical harm is also a huge threat.

  • Hidden Structural Damage – A house may look somewhat stable, but the stability of a fire damaged structure cannot be assessed visually. There are a number of potential hazards that can cause significant physical damage to anybody entering the structure.
    • Damaged Floor Joists
    • Ceiling Collapse
    • Electrical Hazards
    • Contaminated Water
    • Chemical Hazards

Without proper training and experience working in and with buildings that have sustained fire damage, you should avoid entering any damaged area. Maintaining safety after a fire is just as important as it is during the fire. T best way to ensure your safety, and that of your loved ones, is to let trained professionals handle the fire damage cleanup.

Fire Damage Cleanup In Missoula

So now that you know not to search ‘how to clean up fire damage,’ but instead ‘who to call for fire damage to be cleaned,’ we can help make that search even easier. If you need fire damage cleanup in Missoula, whether you have suffered a major fire or a minor cooking mishap, Five Valleys Restoration and Cleaning is here for you. You can call us anytime, day or night, to take care of fire damage cleanup and have peace of mind knowing that your home and property are in great hands. 

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