Common Places to Check For Hidden Water Damage in Missoula

Water Damage Removal MissoulaWater damage is one of the most frustrating problems for Missoula homeowners to discover. But when you suspect there is hidden water damage, it is highly suggested by water damage restoration experts to have it restored quickly to avoid the issue from becoming worse over time. Although water damage cannot always be avoided, knowing where it is most likely to occur will help you in becoming more aware and cautious of its dangers. The following is a list of common areas where water damage might occur. Make a checklist and thoroughly evaluate your house so that you can either discover or prevent water damage. And if removal needs to occur, do not wait to ask for assistance.

1. Ceilings 

A variety of factors might cause water damage to the ceiling. It depends on what is just above the ceiling, for instance, if you detect water damage on the upper floor of a house, it could be the result of a leaking roof. If a toilet is directly above a water-damaged ceiling on a lower level, the source is most likely a burst pipe or water leaking from fractures in the flooring. When you have water damage on your ceiling, it usually means you have a major problem that has to be fixed right away.

2. Walls

Water leak on walls is frequently the simplest and most visible way to detect an issue, as discoloration and stains on some of the biggest parts of your house are usually easy to spot. However, keep an eye out for stains on window frames and around the door as you inspect your walls. A big unusual stain in your wall could indicate significant damage, such as a leaking pipe or drain. Search for drywall fractures, and if a wall has been exposed to water, it may have expanded and become soft to the touch.

3. Floors

Water damage on floors can be a result of various factors; flooding from appliances, overflowing sinks or bathtubs, or drips from a broken pipe. If you notice any buckling or warping in your floorboards, you will know it is due to water. Also, a general wetness and mildew smell could be a problem caused by water-damaged floors and carpets.

4. Roof

Look for signs of cracking, curling, or missing shingles on the roof. After a strong wind or heavy rain, inspect your roof for damage. You may have leaks or peeling shingles, which might increase your risk of water damage in the future. If you reside in a colder region, keep an eye out for ice dams that might form on your roof and cause leaks when they melt. Check other problematic spots like chimneys, roof vents, and flashings to detect water problems before they begin or become too severe.

5. Pipes

Your property has piping running throughout it, but it is extremely vital to inspect the connections between those pipes. For example, look for leaks, water stains, or rust corrosion around visible pipelines in the laundry room, bathroom, kitchen, and basement. Always look for signs of mold while inspecting.

Water Damage Removal Missoula

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