Causes Of Water Damage During Winter Months

missoula water damage restorationWater damage restoration is a service needed year-round, but winter months pose more serious threats of water damage than most are aware of. Winter water damage can be brought on by the cold temperatures we have here in Missoula, and drying out a home is difficult enough on its own during water damage restoration without the added difficulty the cold brings. 

Missoula Water Damage Restoration

Winter water damage can manifest itself in a variety of ways and in this article, we are going to go over a couple of the most prevalent causes of water damage restoration in Missoula during the winter months.

Ice Dams

 When your roof is heated unevenly, snow in the warmer areas melts and pours into the gutters, where it, unfortunately, freezes and forms obstructions or ice dams. Ice dams stop water from being able to flow through gutters and drain off of your roof, causing it to collect in the gutters instead. As this process continues throughout the winter, the water backs up further and further onto your roof from the gutters and the ice dam gets continually larger and larger. When the water melting from the warmer areas of your roof has nowhere to go, it can begin to leak through the roof shingles and into your home. The end result? Water damage on your roof and in your attic. You can help prevent needing water damage restoration from ice dams by making sure your attic has adequate ventilation and hot air is not trapped in the attic. You can also add insulation to your attic, which will not only help prevent ice dams from forming but will also prevent heat from escaping your home from the attic, making your energy and heat more efficient. 

Ruptured Pipes

Water expands as it turns to ice when the temperature falls below freezing. As a result, the frozen water begins to put a tremendous amount of pressure on the pipes themselves, as pipes are not built to expand and contract. The pipe will eventually burst as a result of the expanding frozen water and the pressure that said water causes to build up inside the pipe. This could leave your home in need of water damage restoration. Since the temperature here in Missoula during the winter months falls below 32 degrees Fahrenheit quite frequently, you should take action in protecting your pipes from freezing. Insulation is the first line of defense against frozen pipes. Examine the areas of your home that are not heated or insulated, and start with the pipes located there. The basement, attic, and garage are some of the most popular places for frozen pipes because they lack adequate insulation from the cold. You can apply pipe sleeves or other forms of pipe insulation to pipes in those vulnerable areas of your home to reduce the risk of needing water damage restoration from ruptured frozen pipes. 

If the winter weather has left your Missoula home in need of water damage restoration, give us a call at Five Valley’s Restoration.

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