Assessment And Reconstruction After Fire Damage

missoula fire damage restorationThere are over 350,000 house fires accounted for every year. Fires have a devastating impact on structures that are immediate and widespread. Due to their destructive nature, it requires urgent and organized responses. Fires compromise the integrity of building structures, leaving behind structural hazards such as weak foundations. It is paramount that quick action is taken and that the safety of all parties involved is at the forefront of mind during the recovery process.

Assessing Damage After Fires Are Extinguished – Missoula

Once the flames have been extinguished, safety needs to be the next priority as the assessment phase begins. While you may think that you can handle the task, involving professionals ensures a thorough evaluation of your home. During an assessment, you need to be able to identify any damage that might be hidden and to accurately gauge the damage that has occurred. This lays the foundation for being able to have a successful recovery after a fire.

Safety And Building Codes

It is also important to be aware of common safety concerns and building codes – even within your home. Building codes ensure that safety protocols are followed and that the correct standards are met. The main focus of building codes is on construction, such as electrical systems that have regulations to prevent fires, but they still play an important role in making sure that the reconstruction after a fire meets safety standards.

Structural Damage

When you have water damage to your furniture, it is important to understand that some materials demand very specific attention in order to recover them. Wooden furniture has the potential to warp and grow mold; therefore, it should be removed from the area that has been affected by water damage and carefully dried. Fabric furniture also has the potential for mold growth and immediately requires drying. Leather furniture needs moisture to be removed carefully and needs leather conditioners to be applied after drying out. Regardless of the water damage caused, professionals can help you figure out what it is your furniture may need at that time.


Depending on the damage that has occurred during a fire, there are some big decisions to make during the restoration process. Deciding whether to rebuild or remodel can depend on what structures may be salvageable with repairs. Some damage may be so extensive that it requires a more intensive reconstruction of the area. The cost of reconstruction can be daunting as well, and it is important to reach out to insurance professionals early on to help you navigate the cost of restoring your home after fire damage.

Professional Expertise In Reconstruction

The significance of hiring professionals to tackle the reconstruction of fire damage is extremely important. Their expertise allows for a successful restoration of your home, as they have the knowledge and the resources to execute a restoration plan properly. Call our team at Five Valley’s Restoration if you need help after a house fire. Our team is equipped to bring you the best service possible while restoring your home and peace of mind.

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